Twenty-one (21) members and guests met at 11am at the meeting area of Babcock Ranch. It was a pleasant morning for a wilderness tour. Rhonda, our tour guide, gave us instructions after we boarded the old school bus.

It was a good start, we saw an Alligator Mama with her youngster near the gate. The alligators take care of their young ones for up to a year after they hatch. We got to know a lot about the vegetation and birds that are everywhere. The wild hogs came along side the bus with their piglets. We saw wild turkeys who showed their beautiful plumage. We got to know the cows, with their impressively big horns. We entered the big forest which is full of Telegraph Cypress trees. The old lines are still visible. We walked in this magical forest for a short distance.

The highlight of the tour was at the end where,  after crossing an old bridge, we saw many alligators. Rhonda brought us a little alligator to touch and hold. After the tour, we had a country lunch.

It was a very interesting tour and it showed us that “old” Florida still exists.

Thank you Hans Wenger for organizing this tour.

Text: Maria von Atzigen, Photos: Vreni Gerber