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Calling all Swiss, Descendants of Swiss and Friends of Switzerland!

We invite you to join our club and participate in our traditional and informal social, cultural, educational, sport and entertainment activities within the area of Southwest Florida. We have something for everybody.

The purpose of our club is to encourage greater contact between Swiss, Swiss descendants and friends of Switzerland in Charlotte, Lee, Hendry and Collier County and in addition, to encourage visitors, who only temporarily visit this area (snowbirds), to participate in the social activities.

There is something for everyone.
Come and join us now!

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Uwe, Marta & Daniel Peregi
Pia Colombo
Victor Felszegi & Josie Velasco
Chris & Eva Stern (returning former members)


From our Facebook Page:

Swiss American Club of Southwest Florida
Swiss American Club of Southwest Florida14 hours ago
As two world leaders meet in Geneva, it is a good time to learn a bit more about this international city. Do you have any special memories of this city?

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