Payment Instructions

Thank you for registering for one of our events, or for renewing your annual membership dues!

In order to facilitate the payment process, we offer three options; cash, check or Zelle. See below for instructions on how to use each of those payment modalities. Our prefered way of receiving payment is with Zelle. That is the easiest and fastest form of payment. All payments for upcoming events shall be paid in advance of the event!

Unfortunately, at this moment, we are not able to accept credit card payments!

Paying with Cash

Cash is king! We are happy to accept payement in cash. You can make your payment for a future eventĀ  or for your annual membership during any of the upcoming events. We appreciate payment in advance.

Please try to bring exact change to facilitate the transaction.

Paying by Check

We are happy to accept a personal check. Please make the check out to: Swiss American Club of SW Florida. You may send your check in advance of the event to our treasurer at:

Gemma Huber

10366 Fontanella Drive

Fort Myers, FL 33913

Paying with Zelle

The easiest and fastest way of paying for your event or annual membership is by Zelle. This can be done at the same time you register for your event. If you want to take advantage of this payment option, please Zelle the exact amount to:

Find information on how to use Zelle right here or contact your bank for additional information. Most bank apps will allow for Zelle transfer right from your phone or computer.