Opening of curtainThe Board of the Swiss American Club of Southwest Florida announces the launch of our new website design. Over the past few weeks, we have been working on updating and upgrading our website to take advantage of new technologies and to incorporate new functionalities that will support the mission of our club. “It is a great moment in time to use such social media technology to reach our current members and to attract new members to our club” says Joe Huber, President of the Club. “I would like to thank Urs Brunner, our new Secretary, for all the work he put into this project” he adds.

First and foremost, this new website should serve our current members. The intent is to bring useful and practical information to the membership. For example, a newly redesigned resources page will be made available and will be update regularly. Also, in addition to the traditional method of registering to an event, it will now be possible to do so paperless through our website.

Second, this website and our associated new Facebook page, should serve as a marketing tool to help us attract new members and keep our club active, dynamic and growing. Potential new members will find useful information about our club history, our events and activities and will be able to register to become a member directly through the website itself.

“We are very excited to bring new technologies to bear and drive an active and thriving club live, using social media tools” says Urs Brunner, Secretary of the Club. As we gain more experience with these new technologies, we are prepared to make adjustments and continuously improve our services to our members.