The weather forecast for Saturday, June 6, was not too rosy, with a chance of afternoon showers. However, this did not deter twenty-seven members to venture out to Wiggins Pass for the annual club picnic. Jon Breit and Peter Zahner had gone out early to reserve the tables and to light the fires. By eleven o’clock, the grilling started in earnest. Soon wonderful smells of steak, sausage, and vegetables were wafting about the area. Lively conversations could be heard at every table, but these sort of quieted down as the food was served. A light breeze cut down on the heat and kept everyone comfortable.

The clean-up was easy as plates, flatware and glasses were thrown in the large garbage bags that were provided for this purpose. If there were any leftovers at all, those were returned to the coolers and taken home.

The promised showers did not arrive to spoil the party. Hermann Baud had given Jon Breit four stars for the organization of the event, but he upped it to five after Jon served him a piping hot cup of coffee!

Well done, Jon and Peter!!

Text by Rosmarie Strother and photos by Dori Moser and Peter Zahner