Due to some last-minute cancellations, we were only 13 participants at the bowling event at the Gator Lane Bowling Alley on Crystal Drive in Fort Myers on Thursday, July 7.
This relatively small number of bowlers did not have any impact on our good mood. After checking in, receiving the bowling shoes, each one picked up his/her right size and weight bowling ball. Three lanes were assigned to us and soon the fun began. We played two rounds of 10 games each. After the first round two bowlers, Gemma Huber and Gino Colombo were almost tied, therefore, the 2nd round promised some tension as to who the winner of a trophy will be donated by our President. The two leaders after the first round showed nerves of steel and continued to perform well but suddenly Victor Felszegi came very close but a bit too late. Gino was the big winner, followed by Victor and Gemma.
The trophy will be engraved with Gino’s name and will be officially handed to him on the 1st of August celebration.
All in all, it was a very fun evening again, we all enjoyed the Pizza and the drinks and are looking forward to the same event again next year.
Photos by Gemma Huber and Lily Kraft, Text by Joe Huber