17 members gathered at 4pm for the bowling event at the Gator Lane Bowling Alley on Crystal Drive in Fort Myers on Thursday, October 14. A quick “survey” revealed that the last time the individual participants were bowling went back about 35 years on average! After checking in, receiving the bowling shoes, picking the right size and weight balls we were assigned three lanes. Very soon it became clear who was a frequent and semi-professional bowler before! We didn’t play for any prizes (maybe next time), but we certainly had a lot of fun, enjoyed the Pizza and the drinks. It just so happened that – besides his excellent bowing performance – our member Roman Owczarczak celebrated his 80th birthday, The Treasurer brought a birthday cake along so we were able to celebrate just on time before the ice cake started to melt! Thanks everybody for attending and we are looking forward to repeating this event next year, all of us really enjoyed the evening.

Photos by Rony Huser & Vreni Gerber & Lily Kraft, Text by Josef Huber