Sunday we received the message, that the Bonita Bay Private Beach was CLOSED because of the Red Tide. The committee did the right thing and by Monday we had NEW venue. Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda was our Life saver! We informed the members and despite the longer drive it was a HIT. Everybody liked the new place and Petrus had spared us the rain.

The Board members arrived early to set up for the party. Soon Swiss flags were waving in the light breeze and Swiss music played in the boom box. We were ready for the 727th birthday of Switzerland.

The president, Maria von Atzigen, poured the Wine for the Apero which was sponsored by the Club. The grill master this time esd Roman with the help of Harry. He made sure everybody got their Bratwurst just the way they wanted. The Swiss bread from a local bakery was also well received. This was indeed another memorable Independence Day celebration.

Text by Maria von Atzigen
Photos by Dori Moser, Vreni Gerber and Roman Owczarczak