It’s that time of the year for the traditional Santa Claus party. Rosmarie’s house is the perfect place to hold the festivities. A tent was elected, as the weather was uncertain. 56 members and 6 children gathered at 8 tables that were decorated in a festive manner. Everybody was in a good spirit over a feast of “Fleischkäse” and potato salad. The Panettone has always been enjoyed and was served for dessert.

Unfortunately, Santa decided to stay at the North pole this year but it did not damper the mood of the kids who made new friends and were able to explore the surrounding.

Rony Huser who was the organizer of the event, made sure that everything was well planned and we certainly owe her a compliment. Needless to say, there were many voluntary helpers who made this year’s Santa Claus party a total success.

Text and photos by Dori Moser