OMG! So many cookies! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the bakers in our club. You are the best. I am sure everyone got a chance to taste many or even all of the cookies. In case you have forgotten, check out the pictures below. They looked amazing.

How about the Fleischkaese, potato salad, Buerli and the Thomy mustard? This combination definitely is one of my favorite Swiss foods.

This was such a special event and all of the 45 participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I saw so many happy faces, smiles and the evening was filled with laughter. We also were very happy to welcome our guests and in fact, Nicole and Martin Heinimann decided that evening to join the club. What a good impression we must have made.

There are three people in particular we should thank for this evening. First a great thanks to Markus Albrecht for allowing us to use the clubhouse. It was really special and so nicely decorated. Second, we would like to thank Chris & Eva Stern again for offerig the apero. Can’t ever go wrong with a glass of Fendant! Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank the many elves who helped with the decorating, serving the food and the clean-up at the end. Your support makes these events possible. Thank you!

Photos by  Dori Moser, text by Urs Brunner.