The traditional Chlaushock in 2018 was another successful event. We celebrated our Christmas dinner in the clubhouse of Coconut Point Rapallo. Our member, Rudy Thumena sponsored the event by renting and paying for everything involved with this very nice location.

Like last year. there was Eggnog and Rum to greet the members. Even though the weather prevented us from going outside Apero, being inside might have been even better. The Christmas Tree and festively decorated tables put us all into the Christmas Spirit. For dinner we enjoyed Fleischkäse with Potato Salad and Bread, and for dessert Sea Salt Caramel Mousse and Chocolate Ganache. Everybody liked the traditional food and we all had a great time.

A big Thank you to Ursula Nussbaum and Rony Huser, the organizers of this event, and Rudy Thumena for sponsoring the clubhouse.

Pictures by Dori Moser and Roman Owczarczak and Text by Rony Huser