ECHO Global, with headquarters in North Fort Myers, is an organization with the purpose to help those who are teaching farmers around the world to be more effective in producing enough to meet the needs of their families and their communities. Thirty-seven members and guests of the Swiss American Club had the opportunity to visit the ECHO farm on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

The one-hour tour, guided by a docent, introduced the visitors into different climates where different plants and vegetables grow. It was interesting to learn how many trees have edible leaves, some of which can actually be used for medicinal purpose. There were also animals which produce manure for fertilizer, milk and meat.

Speaking of meat – after the tour the group relocated to Hogbody’s Grill, a small BBQ place down the road from the farm, where they enjoyed cold drinks and a wonderful meal. It was another successful event.

Thank you, Jon Breit, for organizing it.
Text by Rosmarie Strother and Photos by Vreni Gerber

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