Fondue is like a warm hug that melts your heart!

It was that time of the year again when our members got together for the annual Fondue Festival. Volunteers met early to set up and decorate the room. And then of course there was all the bread that needed to be cut for 58 attendees. Just in time for the first guests to arrive all was ready. Joe poured the white wine and everyone was chatting an catching up on local and international news.  

When all were seated our president Joe Huber welcomed the members and introduced guests and new members to the club. He mentioned the upcoming events and then turned to introduce the star of the evening, Urs Pfister. What is a fondue without the perfect fondue mix? Urs originating from Thurgau is a Swiss trained and certified master cheese maker. Who better to prepare the perfect fondue mix. He adds a new twist every year and every year it just gets better and better. A big thanks to Urs for his dedication to the Swiss Fondue tradition and the Swiss Club of SW Florida. He gave a quick organizational run down for the preparation and soon all were enjoying their cheesy treat. 

It was a wonderful evening of friendship and laughter. The mood was getting better as the evening progressed and soon turned into an “After Party” with some guests just not wanting to leave. Dancing and singing continued in between the vacuum cleaning men. So much fun. Some couples even felt the need to celebrate Valentine’s Day a bit early.  Looking forward to the next event and hope to see you all there. 

 Text by Vicki Burkhard and Photos by Vicki Burkhard, Mike Major and Gemma Huber