Who would imagine making a fondue for 45 guests? The chefs must be crazy! Well, I guess the chefs were a bit crazy and had lots of fun being so.

Your Swiss American Club had another fun night preparing, eating and digesting a wonderful menu. First of all, thanks again to our member Markus Albrecht who so kindly offered his club house for this event. Also a great thanks to the head chef Urs and his sous chef Urs (yes, Urs and Urs) for mixing up the cheeses. Finally a great thanks to Victor for offering the gluewine and for Amparo for baking the delicious deserts. The food was fantastic!

Our club is thriving and growing. We want to thank our guests who visited from afar and we also welcome Gabriela, another new member, to our club.

Your board members, Joe, Gemma, Lily, Hans and Urs are very happy to see such a great engagement by our members and we thank all of you for your active participation. This club is all about the members!

Photos and text by  Urs Brunner.