According to one legend, the dish was born when an alpine shepherd, bored with his nightly dinner, heated his wine and cheese together in one pot and dunked in pieces of bread.

Fondue makes a party whether it’s for two people or 55 members of the Swiss Club. As the tradition calls for, we met at the Pavilion in Bonita Bay. It was a delight to walk into a room filled with enticing cheese aroma. Seriously, you cannot get more Swiss, while feasting on this awesome yellow mass, some of our members voluntary offered to prepare. Flushing it down with wine, sponsored by the Club and even a shot of Kirsch helps for digestion.

Candace Whebe, re-joined our Club as a member and was welcomed in the VP’s speech. Thank you Hans Wenger and his crew to take over this important event, due to Ursula Heierli’s absence.

Another wonderful evening came to an end, hoping that next year this illustrious group of members will meet again for one of our favorite gatherings, the Fondue Party.

Text and Photos by Dori Moser