May 3 promised to be a wonderful Florida Spring day as 32 participants gathered at the Cypress Woods Golf & Country Club in North Naples to enjoy a Sunday Brunch. The food selection was really impressive. Thirteen golfers had to eat fast as their tee-time was approaching. Led by Jon Breit they rushed off to the golf course. A foursome low net ball was held. The teams were only separated by a few strokes with the winning prizes presented to the team of Jon Breit, Dina Thoma, Alois Zanoni, and Maria VonAtzigen (scoring a 56). The other teams participating were: Team 1-Chris Zoebeli, Ruth Zoebeli, Marlis Schmid-Wach, Team 2-Roman Owczarczak, Sabine Halboth, Hans Peter Christ, Team 3-Walter Heierli, Antonella Stadtmann, Marcel Stadtmann. The closest to the pin on par 3 hole #12 were Men: Roman Owczarczak and Women: Dina Thoma.

Around noon the remaining participants left the restaurant to either go home or to drive to the Kowiachobee Animal Preserve in the Golden Gate Estates area. Kowiachobee is a Native American Indian word that translates to “Big Cat” or “Screaming Cat.” This preserve is home to over one hundred animals, including lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, Florida panthers. etc, as well as farm and domestic animals. A couple of geese and a Zebra greeted the visitors at the entrance. The private tour was conducted by a volunteer who was extremely knowledgeable about “her” animals.

Another successful event for club members and guests. Thank you, Rony Huser and Jon Breit, for organizing it!! Unfortunately, no on posted pictures of their golf group!

Text by Rosmarie Strother and Jon Breit; photos by Vreni Gerber and Peter Zahner