The Zoo visit was another highlight in 2022 and 23 members and guests took the opportunity to learn a bit more about the history and occupants of the Naples Zoo.
The tour was about an hour long and our guide did a great job talking about many fun facts. For example, we were not aware that the zoo initially was a Botanical Garden. Later came the idea to add animals and convert the park into a zoo. Hence, the Naples Zoo combines the beauty of a botanical garden and the wild element of animals.
Talking about animals, we saw giraffes, lions, zebras, monkeys, alligators, pythons and some animals we didn’t even know they existed and we can’t even remember their names.
The Zoo visit also served as a great backdrop for a family reunion of our members, Urs and Cheryl Pfister. Urs’s son and his family came from Switzerland and Cheryl”s daughter, who lives in New York, flew down for a few days so that they could finally meet. We thought it was really sweet that they all joined us that day and we had the pleasure to meet the whole family. Thanks for sharing that moment with us!
After the Zoo, the groupp joined for a lunch at K-Rico at “Bayfront of Naples” right at the water. Beautiful location, wasn’t it? The food was excellent and not the typical Mexican Food. I had a dish with Yucca Fries topped with quest sauce, scallions and avocado-jalapeno crema. Never had Yucca Fries before. Boy were they good.
Finally, we welcome two new members, Janine and Daniel Rohrer, who converted from guest to members during this event. Well done!


Text by Lily Kraft | Pictures by Gemma Huber