On Sunday, January 9, 2022 we gathered for the traditional New Year’s Brunch, this time around at The Shadow Wood Country Club in Estero. Werner Christinger made it possible for us to use this beautiful facility which was complimented by everybody. 37 members and 8 guests, of which 6 from Switzerland who are currently vacationing in South West Florida, enjoyed the outstanding buffet. I saw quite a few – and that includes myself – who made several trips to the buffet. The tables were nicely prepared and decorated, each one with a set of the Swiss and American flags. We could also welcome four new members: Vicki Burkhard, Heidi and Bill Meehan who are currently snowbirds from the Chicago area but plan to move here permanently in the future and Gino Colombo, whose wife Pia was already a member. Thanks for joining and welcome to the Club to all three!

I would like to thank everyone for participating and look forward to the next event”


Photos by  Dori Moser, text by Joe Huber.