Sunday June the 16th 2019

Although it was raining quite heavily all morning, Ursula Nussbaum  welcomed 16 members to our Annual Pick Nick. Getting there very early was the key to securing a parking spot and a table in the gazebo. There were other groups of people partying and everybody wanted a shelter so they didn’t get wet. The first to arrive was, as always, Hermann Baud, who brought his already famous “Crème- Schnitten” along with freshly brewed coffee.

After everyone arrived with their own food and drink, the Grill Master, Joe Huber, started the fire. Fine Cervelat and Bratwurst smells stimulated everyone’s appetite and, as we sat down to have lunch, everybody’s mood brightened-up. We all had a good time.

Thanks everybody for making this a very nice and memorable event.

text by Ursula Nussbaum