38 members met at Good Time Charters on November 9th, 2019. We were greeted by Captain Steph at 4.30 pm. All were well equipped with life jackets and heats. After a short introduction to the security & safety features on board, we started our adventure.

The boat was very convenient, and soon after we started Ursula and Maria served the sandwiches. Hans took care of the wine.

It was a pleasant trip, we saw dolphins, lots of pelicans, five red Spoonbilled birds, Cormorants, Anhingas and Ibis. The dolphins followed the boat… that was an attraction. The weather God was good to us, it was the perfect evening, after a rainy day! Everybody enjoyed the event.

Later we met at the restaurant and had a nice dinner. I would like to thank Beatrice Traub (who was sick and could not come) for organizing the event. Ursula and Hans I thank for the wine, cups and napkins.

Text: Maria von Atzigen,
Photos: Dori Moser and Ursula Nussbaum