Gorgeous Gulf Sunset Cruise

A symphony of color was melting in the sky

It was a beautiful evening with warm temperature and the promise to experience the popular sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

43 of us gathered at the Parrot Key Pier and soon Captain Ken came to call “All on Board”.

Once  everyone had their drink and were seated we left harbor in direction of Sanibel island. Along the way Captain Ken explained some of the sights. With the wind in our hair and a drink in our hand we took in the beautiful scenery.

Once we arrived in the inner cause way we were joined by a pot of dolphins. They came to check us out, flipped their fins and swam off into the sunset.

We could soon see the Sanibel Light tower, which was built in 1833 and was just rebuilt after Hurricane Ian last year.  We were happy to see that most has been restored and only a few signs were still reminding us of last year’s storm.

Relaxed by the beautiful scene of nature we made our way back. After 90 minutes all were getting hungry. At the Parrot Key Restaurant reserved tables and a selected menu were waiting for us. The service was fast and friendly and soon all enjoyed a tasty meal. From the far corner of the bar we could hear the music of the band and the atmosphere was relaxed and very “Florida”. Just the way we like it here.

Text by Vicki Burkhard and Photos by Vicki Burkhard