What do you call a Sunset Cruise without a visual sunset? I call it a fun boating event with many great friends!

35 brave sailors met at the pier on Fort Myers Beach for a fun, windy and sometime even a little rainy 2-hour boat ride. We had a bit of everything and mostly we had a fun time catching up. Oh yes, I should mention a couple dolphin sightings. To be honest, I never saw them but I trusted our captain who insisted that they were out there.

I also want to give a shout out to our guests at this event. It was great seeing you participate yesterday and I hope we can welcome you back at a future event. You might even consider signing up to become a most valued member of our tribe.

No, the cruise wasn’t yet the end of our evening program. Once we disembarked, we practically fell right into the restaurant for a set menu. I had the roasted chicken. It was delicious and I hope you were satisfied with your selection. We spread across three large tables and from the noise level in the place, I would have to concluse we were all shouting at each other.

Some of our brave members even got up to show their skills on the dance floor. Bravo!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this event and your board is looking forward to a great participation at our next event, the Chlaushoeck. See you there!

Photos by  Urs Brunner, text by Urs Brunner.