On Thursday, October 3, 2019, 26 members gathered at Mr. Tom’s Spirits, a distillery devoted to the craft of distilling and creating the best spirits possible, located at 3680 Evans Avenue in Fort Myers.

After everybody had arrived, Brady and Holden, two of the distillers, gave us a very interesting 45 minute tour of the distilling facility. Afterward, they handed out some samples to those who were interested to taste these fine spirits. Quite a few of us also took the opportunity to buy some of the products in their gift shop.

We then walked across the street for an Oktoberfest Lunch at Sasse’s Restaurant, where we were met by another five members of our Club who decided to just participate in the lunch event.

We all had a good time and interesting discussions over lunch. Our member, Rene Lohser celebrated his 80th birthday; the waitresses came by with a birthday cake!

We also welcomed two new members, Lily Kraft and Pia Thürig.

Photos by  Dori Moser, text by Joe Huber